Top Tips


1. Always carry spare batteries and a spare media card.
2. Comfortable shoes for walking streets are a must.
3. Carry a bottle of water or similar to drink.
4. Early mornings can offer great lighting conditions.
5. Late evening also offer great lighting conditions.
6. Keep your camera ready to hand at all times.
7. A camera case should be left at home.
8. Never hesitate or the shot will be lost.
9. Smile and wave if people notice you taking their picture.
10. Switch off the preview screen. Just take pictures.
11. Use program mode or equivalent. Just take pictures.
12. Bright colours and clothing make for good pictures.
13. Take pictures for yourself not for other people.
14. Post your pictures on your own website.
15. Forget what others think. Decide for yourself.
16. Follow the tourists and the crowds.
17. Rush hour and lunch times are good times.
18. Book are good but expensive. Plenty free stuff online.
19. It’s not about the camera or the lens. It’s about you!
20. Forget about “street photography” Just take pictures.
21. You can take good pictures in any town or city.
22. Dress for the weather and plan for the weather.
23. Look out for festivals, parades, events and the like.
24. Try museums and art galleries on rainy days.
25. Post all the images you like. Not just the “great” ones.
26. Get your camera low down for a different angle.
27. The images that don’t work can also be the best.
28. Avoid emulating others, develop your own style.
29. Visit the same locations, they will always be changing.
30. You do not have to use a Leica for street photography.
31. Any lens you like is the lens to use.
32. Get in close if you want but it’s not a must.
33. Asking permission if is but it changes the feel.
34. Railways station are good but get permission fist.
35. If in doubt, take the shot. Don’t think, click.
36. Alleyways and lanes can offer interesting lighting.
37. Have an ongoing “selfie” project.
38. A website or blog can give you purpose.
39. Find a spot, site down, wait and watch.
40. Never hurry along the street, plod like a policeman.
41. Street scenes don’t have to feature people.
42. Ephemeral objects can make for good pictures.
43. With street shows, shoot the crowd, not the show.
44. Plan your route but try the side streets as well.
45. Street photography is what you want it to be.

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