Mannequin Madness


As well a humans, there are other life-forms out there on the streets of the world. They can be seen in just about every town and city on the planet, standing absolutely still in shop windows, their favorite habitat. We refer to them dummies or mannequins but they also actually known a Autons, an artificial life-form, first shown on the television series Dr Who.

They are quite happy to be photographed as they never move in sight of humans. Though they do keep an eye on us humans as can be seen in the image above, taken on Princess Street, Edinburgh.

Note how Auton No 2, second from the left and wearing sunglasses, is watching the photographer, while in the middle, Auton No 3, is watching the shop assistant in the window.


This second image also taken on Princess Street, shows another Auton Surveillance Unit similar to the one above. Auton No 3, the male to the right, is watching the passer-by while Auton No 2 in the center, to keeping an eye on myself, the photographer.

Of course, humans need not always be present to make an interesting photograph. In this third image, three faceless Autons have found a home in another shop display. Note how the Auton on the far left does appear to be watching the photographer even with out any obvious visual apparatus. Makes you think!


Please note that Autons are more than happy to be photographed in shop window displays and there are no known cases of Autons harming humans.

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