Unexpected Results


When taking photographs on the street, when all your attention is focused on capturing a particular image, it is sometimes the case that we only notice something interesting later on, back in the darkroom or at the computer screen. On this page I want to share a few images as examples of this.

In the image above I’d noticed the interesting play of light on the stonework on the building and was trying to capture the pedestrians passing by. It was not an easy task as not only were the pedestrians at the right point, in the beam of sunlight, for very short seconds, but I also had to catch fleeting gaps in the busy traffic as well.

I took about 8 images and this one caught my eye more than any other. What I was not expecting was the unusual backwards lean of the chap in the image. In fact, I’m pretty sure he was not leaning and it is actually a result of distortion caused by the camera. My handbook for the Panasonic Lumix G6 notes that disabling the mechanical shutter may result in some distortion in certain recording conditions. I quite like the result this time. The image was taken on The Mound, Edinburgh.


In this next image, again, it was only later at the computer that I noticed the smiling coach driver, who had obviously noticed me taking photographs from across the busty junction at the west end on Princess Street, Edinburgh. As usual at this busy location, there is little time other than to point and shoot as the traffic quickly flows.


In this final image I’d noticed the play of the light on the busts in this gallery at the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, and snapped off a few frames. And it was only later when processing the images for posting online that I noticed how the bust seems to be looking at the woman on the left. Of course, the bust isn’t really looking at the woman it just appears that way. Or does it?

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