Satisfying Bad Selfies


Sometimes photography is difficult. You just cannot see the images before you and find it almost impossible to even get started. On days like this often the best thing you can do is give up and go home. However, there is another type of photography you can always try, the selfie. In fact, taking selfies can be an entire project on its own.

The selfie is essentially you taking a picture of yourself, usually reflected in a mirror or shop window or even cast by your own shadow before you. Taking selfies can be as easy or challenging as you like. Stand before a shop window and take a picture, Easy. Done. Or for something more challenging think about what is also reflected in the shop window, look at what is displayed in the shop window, think about composition and light and a myriad of other things as well. See what you can come up with.

When taking selfies you obviously need something to reflect or create your image and there are various things that do this, including:

  • glass mirrors – changing rooms, wash rooms, department stores, hairdressers
  • shop windows –  streets in cities and towns everywhere
  • light sources – street lights, car headlamps, the sun, even the moon
  • water – puddles, still ponds, rock pools
  • chromed metal – litter bins, vehicle trim, sink taps, kitchen appliances
  • brass name plates – found on the front of shops, offices and the like
  • body parts – parts of yourself in shot while holding the camera
  • security mirrors – usually up high and offering wide angle views
  • vehicle windows –  cars, buses, taxis, trams
  • bus stop shelters – look for glass rather than plastic
  • gloss paint or other finishes – doors, vehicles, signs

As well as the simple selfie you can also try for what I’ve come to call the “double selfie” where the photograph includes two images of yourself, as shown in the example below.


And following on from the double selfie we have the “multiple selfie” which is basically more anything more than the two images of a double selfie. Not always that easy to achieve but always possible


Another variation is the “infinity selfie” where you are standing between two mirrors and your reflection seems to repeat into infinity. I don’t actually have any like this, yet! But keeping my eyes open.

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